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Flushing Twp. could instate ordinance for solicitors

Door-to-door sales would require permits
By Sam Tunningley

FLUSHING TWP. — The Flushing Township Board of Trustees held a first reading of an ordinance long in the works regarding the prevention of door-to-door solicitation scams by requiring a permit.

Township Attorney Steve Moulton said the first draft of the ordinance was created three years ago due to issues the area was having with scam artists approaching residents’ homes. The ordinance requires the any door-todoor salesman obtain a permit from the Township Clerk.

Supervisor Frederick Thorsby said Flushing Township still has an issue with groups attempting to solicit money through fraudulent means.

“These groups selling magazines flood the neighborhood, and they’re high school kids barely getting paid mini- mum wage,” said Thorsby. “They end up with nothing and can’t even leave to go back home.”

The license will be good for six months, which Thorsby said should take care of the summer, when the solicitations are most prominent. The “sales,” as defined in the ordinance, do not include any government entity, recognized non-profit or charitable organization.

A suggestion offered from the Board of Trustees to Attorney Moulton is the ordinance include a condition stating the permit must be visible on the salespeople. The identification card will make it easier for residents to recognize unlawful persons.

The Board agreed to table the ordinance until the new information is added.

If the salesperson is not wearing the proper identification, which should include the name and address of the person conducting business, it will punishable as a misdemeanor violation. Thorsby advised residents to call the police immediately if such an encounter were to occur.

The ordinance also states no door-todoor activity shall be conducted prior to 10 a.m. or after 7 p.m., and permits are only required for business interactions. The language excludes religious groups, governmental or public affairs and “matters of general public concern.”

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